Salajeet or Shilajit or Slilajit or mineral pitch or wax is the big name in the field of herbal medicine. There are many medical conditions, under which the Salajeet / Shilajit is very beneficial. Salajeet / Shilajit means ‘’conqueror of mountains’’ and it is also regarded as destroyer of weaknesses. It is a herb which is extracted from the mountains of Himalaya and under the extreme weather conditions and then it is converted in consumable medicine in a very pure way. Salajeet / Shilajit is very popular because of its large number of benefits and no side effects. It is a great energy producing product which is equally useful for men and women. It produces under the mountains and takes several years in its natural production due to which it is also regarded as a fossil. The rich organic compound of Salajeet / Shilajit very precious and it is given very high value. 


Diabetic cure by Salajeet Shilajit:

The life of a diabetic person completely depends on different medications and insulin is the most used drug. It has become a life saving drug for the diabetic patients. In order to control the sugar level in the body naturally, the Salajeet can be taken. Salajeet not only control the sugar level but also improve the health of the diabetic patient. Salajeet as rejuvenator in order to impart power and health to the diabetic patient. It is completely a herbal-mineral based medicine which is recommended by many specialists as it is a natural way to treat the diabetes without having any side effects.Diabetes is a widely spreading disease in the world. This disease has found to be on number 7 among the list of those dangerous diseases which take person to nowhere but death. The cure of diabetes is possible now with the continuous use of Salajeet. Salajeet being widely used these days because of being very efficient in controlling the sugar level in the blood. It has been observed that people living in isolated Himalaya Mountains have been using the Salajeet herbs to treat the diabetes.

The black organic substances are taken out from the huge mountains of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan in severe hotness. The herbalists then make it effectively a useful natural herbal product for the treatment of diabetic patients. Releasing of toxic chemicals from the body of the person through the urine has become possible because of the Salajeet . Salajeet also work well to accelerate the working of pancreas which then becomes self sufficient in producing body’s natural insulin.  

Salajeet is enriched with fulvic acid which acts as the best anti-diabetic agent. The fulvic acid has found to be very effective in reducing the damage caused to the pancreas. Salajeet can be regarded as energy capsule for the diabetic patients. The regulation of the amount of sugar in the blood stream and the stimulation of pancreas to make it working effectively in order to accelerate the metabolism of glucose are the two main purposes of Salajeet . 

The anti-biotic effects of the Salajeet on the diabetic patients are also under observation by the scientist across the world. It has the main function to carry the blood sugar to the resistant cells which in turn helps in preventing the adverse effects of this disease. The body gets new energy and life with Salajeet and the nervous system of the body is also maintained. 

Not only diabetes, there are also many healing features and properties which have been added to Salajeet. This is the reason that Salajeet is being experimented and observed by herbs specialists across the world. Many Ayurvedic physicians recommend the diabetic patients to use Salajeet as the natural supplement to control the sugar level in blood stream. The islet B cells which are the main cause of diabetes are seriously killed by Salajeet. 


Uses of Salajeet Shilajit:

In Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, the Salajeet / Shilajit is used with raw milk. People using this product are found to be most intelligent and with strong mental and physical health. It gives the sexual and spiritual energy to the person. The psychological problems such as depression and anxiety are removed by it. Salajeet / Shilajit products have found to be very effective in treating the swelling, inflammation and pain in bones as well as arthritis. The bitter taste medicine of Salajeet / Shilajit is enriched with high power to cure the diseases. There is many other health problems, for which Salajeet / Shilajit is being used. Its extraction removes all the inactive substances from the it and gives the high level of useful ingredients which are already present in it. Nothing additional is added to it. The purity of the Salajeet / Shilajit is its main feature which distinguishes it from other herbal products. 

All the health problems such as problem in digestion, pain in different body parts, arthritis, diabetes and many other ailments have a complete cure in Salajeet / Shilajit products.  In other words we can say that Salajeet / Shilajit is such kind of herbal product which improves the quality and quantity of the life by imparting health to the people.

The products of Salajeet / Shilajit is being used in different areas of the world such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, china,  and Russia etc. It has found to be the best medicine to treat all the health problems and it gives the strength to the immune system of the body which makes the body strong enough to fight against the diseases. 

Many other improvements in the field of medicine are being made in Salajeet / Shilajit products. The Salajeet / Shilajit is the best product to reduce the joint pain because it has the properties of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation. The neural system of the brain is also activated with the continuous use of Salajeet / Shilajit medicine.

Salajeet / Shilajit also purify the body by helping it in removing all the toxic substances from the body. It regulates the functioning of pancreas and in this way it gives the best treatment to the diabetes. 

Salajeet / Shilajit is not doubt a magical medicine which works well in the body and it has no side effects as well. 


Salajeet for bones and joint pain

Salajeet is a very effective and natural herbal product which has found to be one of the best medicines of the world. The herbal product is extracted from the mountains of Himalaya and it is quite similar to the fossil fuels. It the main source of getting the sexual and spiritual energy to the person,

Role of Salajeet in curing the bones and joint pain:

Salajeet with its pure and natural contents works very effectively on the body of the person and helps curing the pain as soon as possible. It helps in regulating the blood flow to each and every part of the body particularly joints. With help of continuous and regular blood flow, the oxygen reaches the joints easily. The regenerative power of muscles and tissues is retained by the continuous of Salajeet. The recovery of broken bones or joints is also only possible by the use of Salajeet which starts recovering the damaged bones immediately and it has been observed by the people who use this product that it actually does 50% of the recovery. 

The organic formula of the Salajeet is enriched with the ingredients which perform the anti-inflammatory operation and relieves the joint from pain. The complete nourishing is also provided to the nerves of the body which also maintains the quick and effective flow of blood through each part of body. All types of pain in bones is cured by this wonderful product. It relieves the pain in joints and bones such as back bone, muscles, knee, ankle, migraine etc.


Salajeet effects with growing age:

Salajeet is extracted in the form of organic paste which is very valuable. It is very effective for the removal of all harmful toxins from body. As time passes, it becomes difficult for our body to take calcium from food and to absorb it. Calcium is a very important mineral which is needed by the body in order to maintain the strength in bones and teeth. 

Salajeet is a very effective product in giving the ability to the body to absorb the sufficient amount of calcium from bones and from food. It also gives the required amount of flexibility and rigidness to the body which is very helpful for them to function properly. The discovery of Salajeet herbs has revolutionized the life of the people who are suffering from this pain. 

All those ailments which a person with growing age may face are all can be solved with the marvellous Salajeet herbal product. Salajeet has been found to be very active in helping the body in the process of wear and tear of tissues and bones. It is the ideal product for those people whose joint and bones pain has affected the life badly. The joint pain takes all the confidence of the person and he becomes unable to perform his routine tasks. The fluid between the joints comes to an end with time and it produces more pain while moving causing severe depression and intense anxiety in the sufferer.

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