To remove pain / recovery /repair of joint & bones fracture



1. Take some 125 gram Pure Himalayan Salajeet Shilajit.
2. Take a natural oil according to useMix half spoon or (according to your requirement) of Salajeet in oil.
3. Heat up to mix Salaeet in Oil....
4. Now do massage on effective /paining area of body
5. After massage tie a warm cloth on effected body part.
6. Don't remove cloths until you get relief.
7. You can eat it too while mixing tea or milk during massage to remove pain & weakness of inside body
8. Don't drink cold water or don't make your body cold within 30 minutes use of Salajeet.

Salajeet Shilajit and its other useage:

• Bodybuilders also can use Salajeet for magical result.
• Salajeet Shilajit for Anti-Aging, Anxiety, General Weakness.
• Salajeet Shilajit for Impotence Sexual and all kind of sexual Diseases.
• salajeet shilajit for sugar diabetic.
• Salajeet Shilajit for Joints Bones fracture and pain relief, recovery, repair Weakness.
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