Modern Usage of Salajeet 

Modern usage of silajit

There are thousand of usage of Silajit now a days. some are bellow

Cardiovascular, Päìòutä , vitiation of blood , Reduces blood sugar , Dermatological, Parasitic diseases of the skin , Skin diseases , Leprosy , Endocrinology,  reproductive system,  obstetrics/ gynecology,  prostate,  Sexual debility , Sexual vitality , Infertility , Menstrual disorders,  Post partum health , Thyroid disfunction , Gastrointestinal,  Digestive troubles , Chardi (vomiting) , Arças (piles or hemorrhoids  , Krimi (parasitic infestation) , Hematology,  lymphatic,  cancer, Edema (dropsy) , Spleen enlargement , Cancer , Immunology,  aids,  infectious diseases, Weakness , Debility , Kñaya, Immunomodulater , AIDS , Liver and gallbladder, Jaundice , Gall stones , Udara (obstinate abdominal diseases including ascites) , Neurology,  psychiatry, Nervous diseases , Antistress , Epilepsy , Unmade (insanity), Respiratory (lower and upper respiratory tract including ears,  nose,  throat,  sinuses), Çväsa (dyspnoea) , Chronic bronchitis , Asthma, Mouth diseases , Rheumatological,  orthopedic,  muscles,  contusions, Obesity , Fractures , Arthritis  Osteoarthritis , Spondylosis  Bodybuilding (Muscular hypertrophy)  , Urinary tract system (kidney,  ureter,  bladder), Pameha (obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes), Seeta meha (renal glycosuria,  a type of Kapha diabetes) , Sikata meha (Lithuria,  a type of Kapha diabetes) , Shanai meha (Frequent urination caused by a stone in prostate area) , Shukara meha (spermoruia) , Diabetes , Kidney stones (renal calculi), Cystitis , Dysuria , Chronic urinary tract problems , Urinary tract infections , Urinary Tonic , Kidney Tonic , Other Uses:, Yogavähi,  which means that it enhances the properties of other herbs  It acts as a catalytic, agent for promoting the action of the other tonic agents. , Geriatric tonic, Tonic   , Rejuvenative