AGE SALAJEET SHILAJIT AND AGE LIMIT AND GENDER , can women use salajeet, girl, female shilajit women power khalis pure desi cure salajeet

Many people use to ask that Salajeet should not use in age under 40. So here is the answer of it. Salajeet Salajeet is a natural product  for the treatment of general body weakness, Urinary system problems, sexual problems, reproductive system diseases and many more. It is also used to maintain the general health, stamina, energy and immunity of body. It can be used at any age and can be used in female patients too. This is very much safe for people suffering from heart diseases and blood pressure problems. It has no hypertensive activity. You can use it safely and it will give you wonderful results. So you can use Salajeet without any hesitation.

Its related about your disease or weakness not about Salajeet. Because Salajeet has no side effect instead uric acid issue. If you are under 18 and you feel weakness then you must use Salajeet for betterment. How nonsense if we do that we wait until 40 to use while your young age is passing in vain. Salajeet is totally pure natural thing and harmless so can be use in any age.

Salajeet also best for women's health. Women can be use it as anti aging, general weakness and sexual weakness.